Amazon's Kindle Fire is being sold at a very competitive price point and not only for that it really offers a remarkedly package. Especially if you compare it to development platforms for embedded processors from large manufacturers. At $199 you can typically start with at best a fraction of those often stationary development systems. In addition, the Kindle Fire brings you a nice mobile package with a reasonable battery, a high resolution LCD and a capacitive touch screen. And it's very extensible, way more than people think of yet... Hack-a-Fire is meant to be a place to talk about those other uses cases for the Kindle Fire, things that Amazon never thought of when designing it.

What Hack-a-Fire is not

Let's first start with what I'm never going to talk about here. Hack-a-Fire does not tell you different ways to start a fire. Hack-a-Fire is also not a place for those who are happy with just changing parts of the operating system and software on their Kindle Fire. Or for those who come up with yet another customized version of Android. It's also not primarily a place for people that are annoyed with this and that and simply would like to see their tablet die like this guy. Not primarily, because out of that rage you may develop some other great use for your Kindle Fire. Feel free to join here then!

So, let's go for it...!

If you caught the idea and are interested in seriously (hardware-)modding your Kindle Fire, come by regularly. If you've done an awesome mod yourself and simply look for the right place to publish, feel free to ask me. I'm happy to either put your stuff up here or write a short article and link your content from elsewhere.

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